Departure Stanley Bay, Hong Kong at 12:58 HKT

As everyone awakes and awaits the news of the day, the first reports start to arrive.

Wind update at 06:25 HST

5/1200-arrival:ENE10 or less

Sea update at 06:33 HST


John 09:29 HKT (15:29 HST)
Boat is all ready, we came ashore once again to collect beach glass for the kids. Weather looks good and all say go this morning. Brian and I are at the Pacific Coffee in Stanley you may remember.

Last minute advice from folks who have made the trip before:

Dave 10:42 HKT (16:42 HST)

“Upon arrival at Subic, Customs, Immigration and Quarantine/Health Officers will come aboard and do the entry paperwork. The amount paid in the past was $50 per officer (US dollars cash, no change given). I would expect it’s more now. When you consider the alternative is to clear in at Manila; take taxis all over to various government offices (maybe get shot or kidnapped for ransom) and likely still get hit up for the informal fees, paying on your boat in Subic looks like a pretty good deal.”

Finally, after a restless day for those waiting in Hawaii, new GPS coordinates arrive indicating a departure:

GPS fix

Lat: N 22 11′ 23”
Long: E 114 12′ 35”
Time: 04:58:01 UTC (UTC -10:00 = HST; UTC + 8:00 = HKT)
Date: 02-02-2011

A following message confirmed, the Laysan and its crew were off to Subic Bay!

John 13:09 HKT (19:09 HST)
Laysan departed Stanley. Wind SSE 7k t16 seas 1m. Main is up. All well.

Another GPS fix arrived two hours later. That was good progress!

Lat: N 22 3′ 48”
Long: E 114 19′ 41”
Time: 06:55:36 UTC
Date: 02-02-2011

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