Tea, Outboards, and the Multitude

Late night musings after a day trip into Central HK where I met and brushed against every one of the eight million people contributing to Hong Kong’s reputation for the most densely populated place on earth. Good reports in general because the city is organized to maneuver these eight million with absolutely massive infrastructure improvements; from quirky little minibuses that only leave when they are completely full, to endless MTR trains swallowing and disgorging thousands of riders in less than a minute. Everyone is carefully cognizant of each other’s space, but necessarily compressed into spaces allocated to approximately 1 square foot.

When perplexed by my little notebook and its commanding list, someone will still stop and ask if I need help finding someplace, very cordial indeed. When I tell them I need a hacksaw, they are the ones perplexed and we decide to just leave it alone.

I bought an outboard motor and a tea kettle today, two very important ingredients to a complete life. Now I can use the dinghy to tow my big boat home and afterward I can make a proper tea. These are the issues with which I am dealing. You will be glad I have considered them carefully when you ride upon my boat.

After this day it was back to the club for a BLT and beer after which we met a few more of the local friends, Aiden, Tjasa and another Seahorse owner, Dave. We toured his 52 which is a technophile tour de force including a massive spinning gyro stabilizer. Imagine a few thousand pound frisbee whining at a few thousand rpm and there is no way the boat will move around it. Amazing. Back on our boat we admired the tea kettle in its simplicity.

I may go so far as to say the list is done, even though I know it is not, but it is very close. Next we get some fuel and shove off to explore the local area and venture out to test the boat against some of the ocean swells. Should be interesting. But if we don not get around to it, there is always the 1 degree beer next door instead. I definitely want to go back there soon.

The weather may be a little better, but we will not decide until Sunday, And the boat needs more trial time.

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