Life in Sai Kung Continued…

A day like many, it is of course, a boat day. A coffee, the list, the weather, another coffee, back to the list, back to the weather, a cup of tea, look in the engine room, clean the lazarette, organize the spares, back to the list… Whoa, now it is lunch time, let’s get to action, which means ATM, boat chandlery,and head home with more than we can carry.

Today we bought a LPG bottle for the locker on the flybridge, miscellaneous hardware, and four giant fenders the size of baby hippos. We had these inflated and then walked around Sai Kung trying not to knock over vegetable stands. A British lady asked if we needed directions as she was headed to the bar. We said we did not need the bar but could she recommend cookware. “Japan Home”, she said as she barely broke her stride in the direction of Steamer’s, an expat place we had checked out earlier full of people drinking beer looking like Brits. Even though the bar sounded pretty good right then, I was on my mission to finish the list. We needed quality cookware and the lady was right, Japan Home had it all. In the end, Brian sat in a Starbucks while I perseverated over frying pans at the Japan Home store. We had way too much stuff to get on the minibus, so a short taxi ride and we were back at the dock loading more gear on the boat.

Aiden and Tsaja came by to see if we wanted to go to…you guessed it… Steamer’s, but we were exhausted and did not feel up to another run to town. They suggested the Rat Hole Chinese restaurant, and I said that sounds nice, so there we went. Well named, and located conveniently next door to the marina, it has the distinction of a downstairs approach through the cement fish cleaning ladies stall. The tables are located with a close view of the adjacent marine outboard repair facility, which Aiden says is often testing engines at lunch. Nonetheless, the beer fridge is self serve and is kept at 1 degree celsius. The plates and plates of Chinese seafood were just outstanding and we talked about life in HK and boats and cruising in Asia until I got tired and came home to write. Very nice people and a great place, although I may avoid the lunch rush with the outboard testing scene next door.

Next we go to Central for the Epirb and then get the short wave radio tuned afterwards. We must be getting closer to done but the list commands all thought and action.

The list is the mighty leader of all who stay at the dock and I strive to free myself from the list, but it will not let me go. The weather and the list work together in devious harmony to thwart my movement. Until Sunday, that is when we must be gone from our temporary slip. What happens at that point is still unknown. Will it be a Hebe Haven mooring? The office is unsure if and when and how long Laysan could stay. Aberdeen? Tomorrow we will go there to check in with Mr Lai. The weather and the list will be consulted as oracles, but I already know what they will say: more lists and more weather for sure. This is the timeless period of the trip, right before the deadlines begin to loom. Decision by Saturday, leave the slip on Sunday, destination unknown.

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