Departure Ennui

Movement is steady and valuable, but increased winds may even stall the transit across Pearl Sea.  First, the documents were delivered to the Customs officials today with manifest list of 3 crew (Fido, Brian, and I).  This may satisfy them to allow another application for one way trip permit across to Hong Kong.  They decide at 4 p.m. each day about the next day, unless they are busy in a meeting about how busy they are.  Then the Marine police can decide if the one way trip can operate in the weather, and generally do not allow yacht permits unless the winds are Force 5 or less, and the seas are 1 meter or less, both of which are easy for us.  The bureaucracy does not like to work on Sundays even though they are either Buddhist or atheist, especially if it is getting close to the New Years, which is still 2 weeks away.

So I said best if I just take a walk and got shopping for Julia’s hat.  I searched and searched, but everywhere are woolies and gloves, not summer straw hats.  Until I saw four on the top shelf of a soap store, but they would not sell them all to me no matter what I said.  With all my pleading the owner just gave me the one hat, and refused my attempts to pay.  We all seemed to be having a good time, but i never did understand what happened.  After a cold ferry ride back across the river, we caught a tuk tuk trike that drove through one ladies vegetable stall to get around the traffic.  After all that, I had a beer at lunch.

The yard workers took down the mast today, and lashed everything down including the dinghy.  The boat looks absolutely sparkling with detail types scrubbing it like dental hygienist.  Then Bill says a tour bus has arrived with Stella’s retired surgeon brother at the wheel to see our boat.  I now know 20 Chinese people on one rail will give the boat quite a list.  They might be useful in a sail race.

Brian and I mulled over our situation and just keep plugging away at the myriad systems to comprehend.  I really enjoy thinking about all the electrical and mechanical operative elements, but boating would be really nice too, I think…

So, Friday is now not possible due to bureaucratic entanglement, and Saturday is in doubt due to wind, and well Sunday is now a holiday in this 7 day a week country.  The South China Sea is still too severe, so maybe it is ok to spend a day here, but I am absolutely ready to go. We will try very hard for Saturday.

Stella 1/20/11 
We are enjoying John and Brian’s company at the factory.
It is good for everybody that they stay onboard doing system testing and getting familiar of the boat.
We have been advising John that he should never make fixed schedule re sailing/delivery.
Sailing schedule will have to decided based on the weather reports as MV Laysan is of coastal boat. 

John 1/20/11
Hello home, News of imminent departure. Today we leave the yard after lunch. Try to get mast up and spend night on river in Doumen first. Then go across border tomorrow.

Brian 1/20/11 leaving now for Doumen. Yahoo !!!! HK tomorrow

John 1/20/11
We are moving up river now bound for the border. Tomorrow we try to cross to hong kong. All running smooth.

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