Preparations for Delivery in Zhuhai

1/14/11 i am in the room waiting for brian,  All the bags are here and i am tired, had a granola bar and water, bought an hour of internet for the room and ready to go to sleep.  It is just a long long way.  I will hope to see Brian soon and then we get up early and do the ferry to Doumen

1/15/11 It is too damn cold here and wind howling all the time. I have not pulled out the laptop yet, just huddled at my desk with everything I own on.
Today we will really check out the boat and list the issues before Ray gets here tomorrow .
Maybe move aboard today if the heater fires up ok. I am still running all the options in my head, need to have a negotiating session with Stella.

1/17/11 We had dinner on the boat for the first time after another hectic day of multiple tangential conversations and directives to accomplish tasks, some of which I understand.  I enjoyed practicing the paravane fish retrieval using the grappling hook toss just like deadliest catch.  Bill was very nice to supervise and advise on the technique until Brian and I got it down a few times.  Ray is here doing his usual valuable insight and advice.  We keep saying we are leaving ‘thursday, so now people are responding and trying to get it all done in time.

1/17/11 Ray and workers now here so gotta try to get more done.  Still want to leave on Thursday but secretly may delay until Friday.

1/17/11 This is our first night on the boat. We have some Chinese soap opera on the tv while we catch up on emails and plan the next day.  Such a wonderful to spend time.

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